Inspiration for Currents began with Tame Impala’s 2018 Citadel headline show. The atmosphere created through use of surreal colours, lights, moving digital backgrounds joined with the sun setting immersed the viewers and elevated the performance. 

Then with a visit to Sea Life Centre London, where fantastic aquatic creatures and underwater landscapes were on full display. I was able to view creatures close up that I wouldn’t otherwise have the access to see, illuminated by neon lights and colours within their exhibits. 

Currents is heavily focused on digital print to utilise and showcase beautiful illustrations. Intense, intricate prints take centre stage, supported and elevated with digital embroidery and beading, rich in texture and detail, adding depth to the textile story. 

To the majority of us, the depths of the ocean are unknown, alien and undiscovered. Knowledge around current environmental events, such as overfishing, plastic pollution, man-made damage leading to loss of habitats and extinction of creatures is becoming more widespread.


Currents aims to showcase the beauty that exists beneath the surface and spark conversation, drawing awareness to the causes that threaten it.