This project began with a visit to the National Museum of Scotlands' Archive Collection. First analysing looked African Commemorative cloths from Malawi and Mozambique, which are printed for social or political promotional material. Then I began to create my own 'Commemorative cloth' highlighting an issue important to me. I chose animals of the Asian Rainforest. We are losing species year on year due to human-created climate change. Animals are ever more threatened on the brink of extinction; due to deforestation, poaching, overpopulation, leading to humans getting closer to the animals natural habitats. 

I created my drawings studying taxidermied animals and sculptures on display at the museum. Then these grew into a repeated screen printed length of 5m and several accompanying digital prints. The screen-printed fabric was used to create the show-piece; a kimono created using zero-waste cutting techniques. 


The final part of the project was to show the collection at the ECA Fashion Show, held at the National Museum of Scotland in May 2017. It was an incredible experience to see work I had produced gracing the catwalk.